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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you install customer supplied parts?

No. Our policy is that we do not install customer supplied parts. This policy is to cut down on the number of wrong parts that are brought to us and to make sure that the parts have a warranty that we can support. Customers will sometimes purchase parts because they are told they are correct. Once the technician has the vehicle on the lift and the car is broken down and ready for installation, it ties up the bay if the parts aren’t correct. This is time that could be used to work on someone else’s vehicle that has the correct parts that were ordered by us. If we were to install parts that were supplied by the customer and they weren’t correct, we would have to take the parts back off, order the correct ones, and do the installation a second time. We would have to charge the customer for twice the labor because we had to do the job twice. If we order the parts and they are incorrect, there is no charge to the customer for the second round of labor.